I'm tired
and cold

And I need to apply to university and
so tired



hår hår hår hår ååh så mycket hår fresh fresh fresh

I probably spent too long straightening my hair. It should be enough to say that I started last night and finished this morning cause it legit takes too long. But finally it's nice and straight and long and soft and åhhh so long and... ah I love it when it's straight. Gives me the right to take moving selfies.

Now I'll have something small to eat and then head to Lund.

It looks like summer outside! The trees across the road are turning green and my hair is straight. How much better can it get?

Have a fantastic weekend!!!



ricetta una

Chocolate Banana gelato/mousse

Makes 1 relatively "good" portion (but honestly too small cause it's too good (just increase the number of bananas for a bigger portion))

2 bananas, sliced and frozen (for at least 2 hours)
1½ tbsp of cocoa powder (or a little less if you want it less chocolatey and vice versa)
Some cold water ( two or three tablespoons; just so you can blend the bananas easily (also depends on the consistency you want))

1. Blend it all together using a blender.
2. Eat it. I's amazing.

I topped it with cocoa nibs, but you can top it with anything you like! Perhaps some more banana, shredded coconut, other fruits, etc, etc.

Bon appetite!


I S R A E L untitled.jpg

Beautiful Israel by google maps on streetview.

My favorite coordinates remain
+30° 50’ 51.66”, +34° 46’ 56.07”  (The top picture)

I don't quite remember how I found that place, perhaps some link I saw somewhere. I stumbled upon the saved coordinates as I saved something else on my bookmarks. And then I spent the next 30 minutes looking at the rare spots in Israel where google maps streetview has been.

I hope to visit one day.



sexuality sexualidad sexualitet

It's a little late on this very monday night and I write this in bed, almost ready to sleep.

I'm taking a test in swedish in about 4 weeks and I'm trying to listen to and read as much swedish as I can to make sure I pass it. And so tonight I watched a few short documentaries about autism and other disablities on UR but then stumbled upon a few short films on SVTplay (and since we actually pay radiotjänsten I guess I can share it here and talk about how we actually pay AND watch things on SVT and SVTplay). Some of them were a little strange to watch at times, but even the strangest are funny in a constructive way and discuss, through film, things/issues/experiences people never really talk about or discuss.

Therefore I recommend

"Ta av mig"



and even


All three are short films and under 15 minutes. And well yes, viewer discretion is advised as they say. These videos do contain sexual content, but are, in my opinion, worth seeing. And after-all, why must we be/why are we so afraid of our own sexuality?

Sleep tight



MR. T-pot

The new member of the family. Glassy Mr. T-pot (who still needs a better name).

We're all very pleased with him so far. Well, as long as he doesn't break I think we'll be happy for a long time. He makes tea oh so very wonderful!

/Off to study some swedish (????)



and so i sit here half naked cause i can't stand those clothes i've been wearing for over a week, afraid to look into my bank account, having had no sleep and downloading a (hopefully) good film.

i guess it was nice.

but mmmmmmmm malmö, nothing is better than you darling <33333333 p="">


Adventure time

I'm eating a second ostmacka because I will probably be slightly underfed this week.

England here I come babe!



most fridays i forget it's friday

I feel like nowadays I only post pictures of food, which I can guess makes me seem obsessed. But really, I have lots of time to find new recipes or get creative and cook nice food, so I do and if I like the way it looks I snap a quick picture and then devour it. This I just ate: Kale "chips", topped with red quinoa and black roasted sesame seeds. And a green smoothie which was quite ok, but didn't really have a nice color....... quite mustard-greenish. The glass is right next to me, and because of the slightly off-putting color I guess I won't be mixing strawberries, carrots, oranges, cucumber, lemon and kale all together again.

I certainly do not think people should be eating fresh strawberries in the winter/out of season (technically spring started yesterday..........) but a small packet cost 10kr at ICA. And ooooooh my yesterday's breakfast was not only so beautiful but also so so so tasty: almond oatmeal topped with banana, gojiberries, peanut butter, coconut chips and fresh strawberries. Such a winner! And vegan!

Kiss kiss



you put my love on top, top, top top, top

Breakfast consisted of two knäckebröd with cheese, tomatoes and basil, banana yogurt with peanut butter, banana and gojiberries and a cup of black tea with milk, as well as the loveliest book I have read in a while: East of Eden.

Right now I'm sitting in the living room taking a break from studying Chinese. My head started hurting and I realized I was really hungry. So I made a smoothie:

2 small bananas
½ a fresh pineapple
1 cup of water
2 fresh dates
2 dl of mixed frozen berries

(It served a big glass and a smaller glass which I gave to mom and it was absolutely amazing)

Then I edited those two pictures, drank my smoothie and listened to Beyonce because she's also amazing.

I think now I'll study a bit more chinese, then get ready, head to the library to pick up a book and then go to my method class.

See you kiddo,