Everybody does it


I just farted in the car ( we are on our way to Walmart ) and gladly no one noticed/made a comment. 

Close call.

Right now, hit me baby one more time is blasting from the speakers, and Ellen is singing along. 

I love this family, I love california. 



in no chronological order

I have 3 weeks left here. Which happily still feels like quite a long while. On Sunday, last weekend, we ate at a very traditional Chinese restaurant. The food was excellent.

On my birthday, which was this tuesday, I took a hot bath and read a book about running.

Yesterday, we saw a plane writing words in the sky.

Delicious and beautiful onion and tomato pie the Little One and I baked.

Jenny loves sushi. And so she comes home with fresh sushi at least once a week. She knows my favourite is brown rice salmon and avocado rolls.

/21 days left


broken laptop

I have been computer-less almost the entire time I've been here.
Three days ago, I finally got around to going to the computer-fixing-place and today I picked up my now-working laptop (still with a ticking hard-disk though........ that will cost me another 250 dollars to fix.........).

Anyways, I need to start saving stuff before my hard disk goes to shit. So far I've found this which I think I shall save onto this blog before deleting.

I  have no idea how some of this stuff ended up on my desktop. Somehow it's important to save it here. 



un año mas

I've been a little down every now and then this past week. Honestly though, I think it's because I'm getting my period sometime soon *thanks hormones*. Otherwise, things are very good here. I'm quite happy with my days; perhaps that's why they're all going by so unbelievably fast.

I'm 19 in just two weeks. I think this 18th year has been surprisingly (don't you dare jinx it now sofia) great. This summer was perfect. I somehow managed to travel quite a bit: Manchester in March; Barcelona in May; Madrid in July; Prague, Budapest and Amsterdam in August; these few months now in California; and a little later in November I will be in Mexico. And I've really liked it.

I've managed to come so much closer to myself than I ever thought I would. 
No need for self destructive thoughts, no need for pointless anxiety, no need to hold grudges against people that love you, no need to regret things you can't change.
I feel so much better; truly better. 

(still working on it)


p.s. I am so grateful to have this life I live



It's been a while.

But it's technically a good habit and I think I should get back to it before it's too late.
I will thank my future self.

I've been in Berkeley for officially two weeks today. I can finally spell Berkeley correctly, instead of Berkly, or Berkley, because honestly the actual spelling makes zero sense.

I'm sitting in the dinning room of our nice wooden house in the hills of Berkeley. Little Ellen is watching sponge bob on her ipad while Sac sits close to her and kisses her softly on her cheeks. "Min pappa" she says, and leans her head against his chest.

Time for bed. "God natt Pappa!" she says. Now she's ran off to Jenny who is cleaning up in the kitchen. Or actually no, she was just hiding behind this big brown mocca sofa.

 All is good. I like it here, it was a good idea.



Hot summer day.


china india brazil laos

I finally got around cleaning my room, so I took a few pictures of the spots that now look nice. I started by doing absolutely all of my laundry, hoovering and mopping the floor. It's still not done. I sit here with a hammer by my feet, a thousand and two things on the window sill, an ikea bag filled with clean clothes that need folding and plenty of varied objects just laying on this very wooden floor.

Hopefully it'll be nice and organized by the end of the week.



cabello hår hair pelo

i need a haircut but i have 8 "usable" krowns on my account



forever isnt for everyone



Barcelona. Full of tourists and good food. All in all had a wonderful time with wonderful Ari.